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Carpet Repair

Carpet is an expensive investment to your home, but unfortunately it does sometimes need repair. Well you've come to the right place. We have a Full time Carpet installation/repair Technician ready to help you keep your carpet looking great. Many times clients feel they need to replace their carpet but most times it can be repaired. 

Carpet Stretching

When your carpet becomes loose and starts to develop wrinkles those wrinkles not only look bad but they become a trip hazard especially for the elderly. We can re-stretch the carpeting to give it that new install tightness. We can even setup for us to move the furniture so you don't have to lift a finger. Call us today and set up a free in home consultation. We would love to hear from you.

Bonded Inserts ( Patching )

Patching Carpet or as we like to call it Bonded Inserts are a great way to save a carpet that is in overall good condition other than a blemish or two. Bonded Inserts can be used anytime there is a need to replace a small section of carpeting due to damage. Common reasons for bonded inserts are fireplace burns, cat or dog scratching causing a hole or even sometimes when a carpet stain can't fully be removed. Call or message us today to see if we can save you from the expense of new carpet.

Carpet Installation

We can also install or reinstall your carpeting. If you ever need to pull up carpeting to make repairs or for any other reason. We can reinstall your carpet for you. We currently do not offer new carpet sales, but check back as we are always adding new services to better care for our clients.

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