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Tile and Hard Surface Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

When it comes time to clean your tile or any other hard surface give us a call. We clean just about any type of tile surface. Our process starts off with a sweeping of any loose debris. Once the floor is swept we apply a cleaning solution. We have many types of cleaning solutions and the solution we use is determined by the type of tile we are cleaning and also the type of soiling that we are trying to remove. After solution is applied we agitate the tile and grout lines with specialized brushes to aid in soil removal. After the solution has thoroughly suspended the soil we then rinse all solution and soil off with a completely enclosed tile spinner which will rinse completely and leave your floors looking new again. Call or message us today for pricing and more information. As always we offer free in home estimates.

Grout and Tile Sealing

After having your tile and grout clean the last thing you want to do is get it stained up again. Well have no fear because we can seal the grout and can also seal natural stone. Sealing is a great way to preserve the look of you tile and grout. We only use the best sealers available from DuPont. 

Natural Stone Cleaning

Natural stones such as marble, travertine and granite usually require special care to keep looking their best. Not only can we clean these types of stone but we also offer polishing and sealing. When your natural stone starts to appear dull give us a call and we can polish it back to a nice gloss. Just let us know what we can do to help!

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