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Worried about getting your deposit back?

So it's getting close to moving day and you're worried about getting your deposit back. No need to worry we have built trusted relationships with most realtors in Lawton Ok and can help you get the level of clean you need to pass inspection. Not only will we do our very best to get your floors as clean as possible we can also do repairs if that is needed as well. Anything from red stain removal all the way up to bonded inserts (patch). We have free in home estimates and consultations so don't hesitate to call us today.

Pet urine problems?

Has your fur-baby been slightly less than loyal to you? In most cases we have exactly what it takes to get even the toughest of "accidents" out of the carpet. We have the right technology needed to do the job right the first time. Our toolbox contains everything from Ultraviolet Lights to find all the areas as well as sub surface extractors to be able to properly extract the spot. Call us today to set up your free in-home carpet inspection. We can evaluate the severity of the problem and go over the right options for you and your budget.

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