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Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaner: Navigating the Options Like a Pro

I'm going to call a pro but who do I use?

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That my friends is the question. In our last blog we discussed cleaning our carpet ourselves or hiring a professional. Today lets discuss how to pick a professional. When most of us want to find out who offers a service we want usually the first place we check is the internet. This can be very confusing and also very rewarding. In this blog we will look at 3 different ways we can use when choosing the right carpet cleaner.


Choosing The Right Carpet Cleaner on the Internet

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The internet is probably the best and worst place to find a good service company. You can "Google" just about anything you want. With one Google search of "carpet cleaning" you will get an unending list of so called "pros" in your area. This is where the problem begins. Every company that pulls up in the search is the so called best at what they do. Some ads say that they offer to clean an entire house for $99. That may seem like a great deal but remember you get what you pay for. Other ads may have hundreds of 5 star reviews but even

those can be a bit misleading or even bad reviews that are not really a reflection of the company just one angry customer that was having a bad day. So with all the information on the internet are there any other ways to find a good carpet pro?


Choosing The Carpet Right Cleaner From Social Media

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Social Media is one of my favorite ways to get information on anything. Opening up your news feed will undoubtedly fill your screen with ads for just about anything. The ads are a great place to start but the best way to use social media is to just simply ask your friends. Usually just posting the question "Who knows of good carpet cleaner?" will get you a few responses in just a short period of time. From there you can message the company and ask for a quote or inquire about the method they use for cleaning. There is also the old Tried and True method and that is the Phone Book


Choosing A Carpet Cleaner From The Phone Book

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That's right! the good ol' phone book. Flip through the yellow pages and you find will a carpet cleaning section. Most of the cleaners in your area will have some sort of a listing. Find a number and just call. The best thing about calling is you can usually get to talk to a real person and ask all the questions you want. Its a more personal way to do business and i think the best way to really "test out" a company. Calling also lets the company ask

you the right questions. Such as "Do you have any concerns or problems areas that we need to be aware of?" It gives the service pro a chance to better understand what you as a customer is wanting and expecting.


Now that you know how to find carpet cleaners in you area lets talk about how to pick one.

When choosing the right cleaner information is key. Take look at your carpeting and ask yourself two simple questions.

Do I have any areas of concern? Such as pet urine from that cute little puppy or maybe an area of really trafficked carpeting coming in from the garage because you cant seem to get the kids to take their shoes off before entering the house. These are discussion points you can use when calling or messaging a cleaner to better prepare you and the cleaner and it also helps with over the phone quotes by giving the company and better idea of what your needs are going to be.

Do I have any health concerns? Some people are highly sensitive to cleaning products and certain scents. By relaying this to your clean they can use less intrusive methods to clean your carpeting and some cleaners offer "green cleaning" and use all biodegradable solutions.

And of coarse price is always a concern. Quotes given over the phone can have a very wide range. By asking questions and letting your cleaner know your concerns they will be able to give you an accurate estimate. Last but not least don't hesitate to ask your cleaner for an in home estimate. This is by far the best and most reliable way to pick a cleaner. Not only do you get an exact quote but you also get valuable face time with the company and there is no better way to learn about someone.

So pick up that phone or keyboard and call or message some carpet cleaners and start asking questions. Until next time...Thanks for Reading

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